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Prayer guide for Camp Under The Son 2011

Prayer support is vital for the smooth running and maximum spiritual benefit of the camp. To this end, below are daily pointers that will help you to focus your prayers on the activities, campers and leaders. The CUTS leaders really appreciate your commitment to this and pray that God will encourage you as you share with us.


Leader focus

Camper focus


Friday 22nd July

To feel physically and spiritually prepared despite being the end of a busy week!

The children to look forward to their time away and feel relaxed about this, especially those who have not stayed away before.. 73 are booked in this year.

Safe arrival of leaders, there are issues at the school and the set-up goes well.

Saturday 23rd

A good team spirit will be felt amongst the leaders, particularly for the new leaders.

All children to settle in quickly and not feel homesick. 30 of them have not been before.

For all parents as they feel reassured about  leaving their children with us.

Sunday 24th

For those who teach the Bible lessons each day to be directed by the Holy Spirit.


For the children with no church background to have a desire to learn from the Bible stories they hear and be able to understand that they are special in God's eyes.

There will not be any intruders or disturbances from unwanted visitors to the school.

Monday 25th

For those who lead our the Salt & Light session which enable the children to focus on issues within the world where Christians are seeking to make a difference.

That there will be a real sense of fun and enjoyment within the camp in all they do, but also for the campers not to forget the teaching themes for the day.

That the evening celebrations will be fun but challenging in all that takes place.

Tuesday 26th

For the leaders to be aware of any children who are feeling 'left out' or still thinking about their family. Also that the kitchen staff will have a relaxing day off as we go on the outing.

Safety in travel and an extra sense of awareness in the care of the children whilst on the outing as we are away from the security of the school.

That the memory verses learnt each day will remain special to the children in their lives.

Wednesday 27th

Those with significant responsibilities e.g.  lifeguards and the first aid team. Also for the kitchen staff who work tirelessly all day, often in very hot temperatures.

For those with behavioural or medical issues that they will feel relaxed and well during the week and not bothered by their usual conditions.

For the relationship with the caretaker as he watches and listens to what goes on.

Thursday 28th

Renewed energy and team support as leaders get tired toward the end of the week.

That the children will not be afraid to ask questions about spiritual things they are concerned about or do not understand, especially in the 'Final Word' at the end of the day.

That the busyness of the programme will not hinder leaders being able to talk openly with any children who wants to know more abut Jesus.

Friday 29th

For each leader in their personal contacts they have developed over the week with the children in their dormitory that they will be able to encourage them as they leave camp.

That as the parents arrive, the children will want to share with them the fun they have had and also the great things they have learnt about God.

That the final celebration will give us tremendous opportunities to share with the parents about God's amazing love through what the children have done during the week.

Saturday 30th

For the leaders and local churches not to neglect the children that particularly need support and encouragement after CUTS.

That the experiences the children had at camp will be ones that totally change their lives.

Stamina to complete clearing up and setting up ready for SonRise.