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Youth & Children's Work - The future

Having served as Co-ordinator from March 2000 till 2005, I believe we have achieved our three main tasks below and as detailed in "The way forward".
(Our next step is that we actively seeking to appoint a full time time youth worker to continue the work forward. Note! Having advertised and interviewed on 3 occasions, we have still to appoint a full time worker. We therefore need to step back and review the way forward in 2006.)
Three main tasks:

  • The first is to look at what our purposes for youthwork should be and review our activities in light of these purposes.

  • The second, with the help of Churches Child Protection Advisory Service, is to create a Child Protection Policy.
  • The third is to set up training events (called Toolbox).

The Way forward

The framework for the way forward for youth & children's work at Meadow Way, will be based on the book "Purpose Driven Youth Ministry" by Doug Fields. You can purchase this book at
This splits the work into 5 purposes:

  • Evangelism

  • Worship
  • Fellowship
  • Discipleship
  • Ministry

Basically our youth & children's ministry exists for five reasons (1) reach non-Christian young people (Evangelism), (2) connect them with other Christians (Fellowship), (3) help them grow in their faith (Discipleship), (4) help the growing to discover their ministry (Ministry), and (5) honour God with their life (Worship).
Our aim is to:

  • Reach

  • Connect
  • Grow
  • Discover
  • Honour

We need to ask ourselves, does our current youth & children's activities meet these purposes. If not what do we need to change or start.
We need to recognise that there are basically 5 circles of commitment:

  • Community

  • Crowd
  • Congregation
  • Committed
  • Core

Our aim is to lead young people through the five circles of commitment, from "community" (no connection with the church) towards the "core" (those who are committed to doing ministry, serving because of Jesus).

Our Timetable (revised September 30th 2000)

March 2000

Develop purpose statement

April 30th 2000

Share purpose statement with church. See notes from talk.

October 2000

Develop Child Protection Policy

May/June 2000

Visit of all activities by George

June 2000

Start Child Protection Training (repeat Monthly, starting October)

December 2000

Issue application forms to all leaders

July 8th 2000

Review current set up: Saturday 9am to 3pm

October 2000

Launch monthly training programme "Toolbox"

January 2001

Launch any new programmes

I will issue a regular "Leaders Update" to all the leaders:-

April 2000
June 2000
August 2000
September 2000

Check out the recommended list of youth & children's magazines, books, email and web addresses to help you start forming your own toolbox.
Check out our leaders book library.