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Leaders recommended Books

We believe good youth workers should be well read and constant learners.
Therefore the following books are recommended (over time reviews will be added). Most should be obtainable form the two Christian book shops (SPCK & CLC) in Norwich city centre, or direct from Amazon, Acorn direct or George has most of these and is willing to loan these to anyone in the leadership team. Please just ask.

For a bigger list of books check out the youthwork web site.

Theory - Books on the theory, theology and practice of youth ministry

Your first two years in youth ministry
by Doug Fields
Youth Specialties ISBN 0-310-24045-X

"Your First Two Years in Youth Ministry isn't about copying Doug Fields' first two years; it's about making good choices so you'll survive and become a healthy youth worker for the long haul, no matter what your role - volunteer or lead youth worker."

If you only have chance to read one book on youth work, this is the one. There is so much in this book, it is hard to pick out any one chapter. Forget it's American, many of the issues are the same in Britain. Please read this book.  

Purpose driven youth ministry
by Doug Fields
Youth Specialties ISBN 0-310-21253-7

This is the book that I try to base my youth work on. Don't try to copy every way of working but copy the basic principles. Another important book to read.

No Guts No Glory
by Ken Mosler, Alan Stewart and Edward Vaughan
St Matthias Press ISBN 1-875245-10-3

"Youth work is not easy. It takes a lot of thought and time and prayer and...guts.

No Guts No Glory starts from the idea that good youth work is about making disciples of Jesus. It then shows you how to build a youth group that actually works towards this aim. You will learn how to set some goals for your group and how to reach those goals. Plus you'll get plenty of clear, down-to-earth advice"

This is a brilliant short book on building youth work that lasts.

Outside in
by Mike Breen
Scripture Union ISBN 0-86201-811-0

"Most young people are outside the church. Well outside. we would like to get them inside. And we can't. At least we seem unable to make much impact by inviting young people to buy in to what we provide for them.

Outside In presents a radically different approach to youth work, one modelled on the strategies for evangelism we see in the New Testament - meeting people where they are; identifying those in whom God is working; getting alongside them; nurturing faith."

This is a very interesting model. I particularly like the idea of finding a 'man of peace' and forming the group round that person.

What Every volunteer youth worker should know
by Danny Brierley
Authentic Lifestyle ISBN 1-85078-541-4

Steve Chalke says "This is a book that every volunteer youth worker should read. It would be almost irresponsible not to"

I have not had time to read this book yet, so I can not comment on whether Steve Chalke is correct or not. What I can say is that I don't like the term Danny uses to describe volunteers - "extra-timers". The term gives the impression that volunteers are add on's or extra to the work. To me youth work is done by volunteers and helped by full timers, not the only way round.

The good news is that this book is used as the basis for a 9 part training course, for which we would like all youth workers to attend. See training events for further details.

Help! I'm a Volunteer Youth Worker!
by Doug Fields
Youth Specialties ISBN 0-310-57551-6

50 easy tips to help volunteers to succeed with young people for those youth workers who are two busy to read books.

Christian Youth work
by Mark Ashton
Kingsway ISBN 0-86065-428-1

"Mark Ashton's thorough and careful analysis provides church leaders, youth workers and parents with an agenda for discussion and a manifesto for action. Aware of important social trends and young people's needs, he combines this knowledge with a strong and vibrant commitment to biblical truth and pastoral care."

This is an excellent book on the theory of youth work and one I strongly recommend. It is a few years old and may not in print anyone.

The complete Youth Manual - volume 1
by Steve Chalke
Kingsway ISBN 0-86065-505-7

Again this is an older book and may not be in print any more. Love the title by the way, just like those albums that are advertised on the TV - "The greatest dance album ever - volume 2".

Every youth leader's emergency guide book
by Neil O'Boyle
Alpha (Paternoster publishing) ISBN 1-898938-81-4

Youth Ministry that works
by Duffy Robbins
Victor books ISBN 0-89693-918-9

Another very good book by a good experienced American youth worker.

Take Them Away
by Nick Harding
Kevin Mayhew ISBN 1-65003-016-X

A good read for those who are new to the Letton Hall weekend and the summer camps.

Teenagers Why Do They Do That?
by Nick Pollard
Damaris ISBN 1-904753-00-0

Good, short but very useful book on understanding teenagers. 

Young people and small groups
by Danny Brierley
Scripture Union ISBN 1-859-99211-0

Curriculum - Meeting plans and session guides

Just looking
by John Allan
Bible Society ISBN 0564-08695-9

Six session course for young people who want to know more about the Christian faith.

Rise up Wise up
by Nick Jones
Bible Reading Fellowship ISBN 07459-3259-2

Ten part outlines on the book of Proverbs for use with 11-14's.


Youthwork - monthly magazine of ideas, resources & guidance for youth ministry.
published by Christian Communication partnership

General books (some of my favourite books around at the moment)

The Purpose Driven Life
by Rick Warren
Zondervan ISBN 0-310-21074-7

A must read! It will change your life.

The heavenly Man
by Brother Yun and Paul Hattaway
Monarch books ISBN 1-85424-597-X

A truly amazing story.

What's So Amazing About Grace?
by Philip Yancey
Zondervan ISBN 0-310-21842-4

My favourite book by my favourite author. Another must read.

If you want to walk on water, you've got to get out of the boat
by John Ortberg
Zondervan ISBN 0-310-23927-3

Excellent challenging book. I must read the rest of his books.

Improving your serve
by Charles R Swindoll
Hodder and Stoughton ISBN 0-340-28716-0

"Christ's call to unselfish living"

Charles R Swindoll has written many really good books, this is my favourite book of his.

No Compromise
by Melody and David Hazard
Word books ISBN 0-85009-318-X

This is the life story of Keith Green. Keith Green had a major effect on me during my student days.

She said Yes
by Misty Bernall
Plough Publishing ISBN 0-87486-987-0

"In a perverse celebration of Hitler's birthday, two heavily armed students stormed through a Colorado school on April 20, 1999, killing as many people as they could. Confronting 17-year-old Cassie Bernall, they put a gun to her head and asked:'Do you believe in God?' She said 'Yes'. The killer laughed and pulled the trigger."

Yes there are questions about if it happened as above, but I believe there is sufficient witnesses to say it did. To me Cassie Bernall is a modern martyr and role model. You can't say that of many 17-year-old's.

Bible reading notes

We are encouraging young people to read the Bible, therefore we are offering discounts on certain Bible reading notes. Ask your youth leaders to see samples or check out their web sites.

We recommend:

YP's by CPR.

Either start with YP's Eat the Word, 30 days of Bible reading notes for new Christians featuring the world wide message tribe. This normally costs £1.99.

Or jump straight into YP's This normally costs £1.99 for two months worth of Bible reading notes.

Recommended Books for young people