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MWC Appointment of workers Procedure
(for paid or volunteer)

Note! All workers and church leaders are expected to fully understand this simple procedure and follow it without question or excuse.

Note! Since 12 October 2009 it is now a criminal offence for individuals (all our children and youth workers) barred by the DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) to work or apply to work with children or vulnerable adults. Also employers (that includes church group leaders) also face criminal sanctions for knowingly employing a barred individual. How do we know our workers are not a barred individual? By getting a DBS disclosure form (step 6) for them completed. By the way we need to go through steps 1 to 5 first.

We also have a duty to refer to the DBS, information about individuals working with children or vulnerable adults where they consider them to have caused harm or pose a risk of harm. Referral forms and referral guidance are available from the DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) web site.





Approach someone to help with the work (see below if they are under the age of 16)

Note! Don't assume if they have been at Meadow Way for some time that they are on the approved list. You must check to see if they are on the approved list. It is the responsibility of the main leader for the activity to make sure they do not start before stage 8. Remember it may take weeks if not months to follow the procedure before they can can start. There are no circumstances that overrides this procedure.


Prospective worker to complete an application form

This four page form (form 2) can be downloaded in word or pdf format by any leader from our web site (recruiters normally carry copies during Sunday church services). To help, this form and introduction letter in word format are not password protected. The completed form can be handed to the recruiters for them to process or back to yourselves for you to obtain the two references (completed application form & references must be handed to the recruiters before DBS check).


Prospective worker to complete a self declaration of any criminal record

This one page form (form 3) can be downloaded in word or pdf format must be handed to the recruiters.


Obtain two references for the prospective worker

The blank forms - form 4 for reference request (word format) and form 5 for reference reply (word format) can be downloaded from our web site. If obtained by yourselves the completed references must be handed to the recruiters before DBS check.


Interview the prospective worker and discuss any issues they may have had with child protection/sex in the past.

This must be done by yourselves and the recruiters are willing to attend if you require us (will be useful).



Prospective worker to be handed a blank DBS disclosure form for them to fill in

The recruiters normally carry copies with guidance notes during Sunday church services. These are special forms and can not be downloaded from our web site.

Note! We can now offer DBS's to be completed over the internet. The benefits of the fully CCPAS secure system are many and varied, including:

  • Faster recruitment decisions – the system can reduce overall processing time by 5-10 days.

  • No postage costs 
  • Reduced manual administration saving time and hassle.
  • Greatly reduced error rates due to self-validating mandatory fields – no more forms returned in the post.
  • Electronic Disclosure Certificates for all clear applications.

The system will involve the applicant completing an online disclosure application form via the CCPAS fully secure system, and forwarding the form electronically to the Recruiter. This form will, in turn, be electronically forwarded to CCPAS. After being checked by CCPAS the form continues its electronic journey straight to the DBS.  It is possible that the whole process, from the applicant completing their form to its arrival at the DBS could take less than one working day!
The DBS will process the form and send either a secure electronic notification if the certificate is clear or a paper copy if there is information disclosed. The applicant will still receive their own paper copy of the DBS Certificate.


Completed DBS form to be handed back to one of the two recruiters, to check identify documents

We must see originals, so special arrangements must done for those not living local for checking via the post office. Please speak to the recruiters if we plan to use anyone from abroad.


On return of an acceptable DBS form, the worker will receive a controlled copy of the child protection policy and a quick reference guide as produced by CCPAS

They will then be added to the leaders approved list. Only at this point can workers can start working with children and young people. Remember it is the responsibility of the main leader for the activity to make sure they do not start before this point.


Attach the new appointee to a more experienced worker for a probationary period (three months or in the case of camp the duration of camp)


Within six months attend MWC child protection DVD training course

We will plan to have one course every six months. The next one will be after Easter 2013

As a church we will check all children's workers, youth workers, creche workers, toddler workers and camp leaders over the age of 16, using this procedure.

Note! For helpers under 16 years of age, who will not be left alone in charge of children, fully supervised by a leader and will not be counted as leaders, we follow CCPAS guidance by getting them to fill in a permission slip (see form 9 in word format for Creche, Sunday Club and CUTS on the web page). These forms must be handed to the child protection co-ordinator.

Equally it is important that the child protection co-ordinator is kept up to date with leadership changes.

As of 28 December 2013

Child Protection Co-ordinator

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