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Prayer Requests for SonRise 2011
(30 July - 4 August)

We believe that God works in response to faith believing prayer. We would be thrilled if you felt that you could pray each day for the SonRise camp.

Please pray for:

  • The the young people will experience a week where they can be themselves, develop friendships and meet God.

  • That the new leaders will soon feel part of the team and receive a warm welcome from the young people.
  • The leaders that have prepared the seminars - that they will feel close to God and fell Him directing them.
  • For Peter McNabb taking the evening meetings and his family who will also spend the week with us.
  • The (38) young people coming to be challenged & feel able to approach leaders for support & encouragement.
  • Safety on our trip out on Tuesday and generally for the whole week.
  • That the young people will continue to develop a daily Quiet Time after camp.
  • That the teaching will be well received and that the young people will feel able to ask questions about anything they are not sure about.
  • For a warm & friendly atmosphere.
  • That God will protect the young people once SonRise is over and they will remain close to him.
  • For Parents/family/friends to be receptive to what the young people have to say about what they have learnt.
  • The four seminars will be on lifestyle issues. What the Bible says about....?!