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Oasis Friday night youth group guidelines

This youth club is held at Meadow Way Chapel on Friday evenings from 7.30pm until 9.30pm (unless other-wise informed). It is a youth club for people of high school age (year 7 and above).

There are a few guidelines which everyone who attends club must agree to follow in order to keep it fun and safe. Anyone who refuses to keep the guidelines may be asked to leave. The rules in bold have been added/changed in April 2018.


  1. While at club, no one should go beyond the car park or in front of the church as that would disturb the local residents. Please keep the noise down while in the car park and please do not touch any of the cars.

  2. No one should leave the chapel site during club time, unless they are going home and have made one of the leaders aware, because they are in "loco parentis". That includes going to a local shop.
  3. When arriving and leaving club people must go along Chapel Court calmly and quietly as to not disturb the local residents.
  4. Language at club has to be non-aggressive, with no swearing.
  5. Everyone must join in every activity because that is more fun.
  6. Everyone who attends youth club must be registered with an consent form, so that if there are any problems or accidents there is the information to cope with it.
  7. Anyone attending a youth club trip under the age of 18 must have a signed parental permission slip, due to "loco parentis".
  8. Leaders instructions must be followed.
  9. No smoking, alcohol or illegal substances are allowed at club. It is not allowed on Meadow Way Chapel property.
  10. Mobile phones must be switched off when we have a group talk. It is not advisable to bring any valuables to club.
  11. No one is to go into the main church hall and beyond.
  12. This is a open youth group. No one or no group of young people are allowed to go into any of the rooms and lock the door in anyway, including using a wedge or a chair.