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September 2000 Leader Update

Hello there,

At long last I have created the minutes for the Saturday review from July. If you receive this update by post you should have a printed copy, while those other receive this update by email should have a word attachment. Let me know if you can't read it. I also have a few spare hard copies if you want one.

I will be putting up the results of the review on the web site along with as many dates of events as I hear. We will be discussing these "what next" during our monthly meetings. Thinking about the results if you believe God wants us to go a certain way, start something or change activities please share this with me. We will add it to our list and If need be, we could get together a small group to flesh things out before we declare it as a proposal.

The number one action from the review is to improve communication. This is why I believe regular monthly (I know we are all busy) leaders meetings are so important. These start next week with the youth leaders meeting on the 13th, and the children's meeting the following week on the 18th. It would be good if we could keep to these weeks each month, but if the day in the week is unsuitable please shout. Communication is two way so if there is any other way I can improve our communication let me know.

We also start Toolbox formally on Wednesday 27th September 2000 in the music room. I will be inviting other churches these to events, so feel free to do like wise. Our first session is aimed at how to prepare for our lessons and how to do them. In particular we are looking at how use the Salt material. But I believe the session would be useful to non salt users. Those who lead our family services which also find this session useful. Next month we again start the child protection training. Those who attended the courses before the summer found it very useful, so can I encourage everyone else to attend. What happens in January is still open for debate.
Two new regular events start this month on a Thursday evening. On the 7th a dance workshop and on the 14th a drama workshop. Each of these will happen twice a month and are aimed at young people of any age who are already Christians. The idea being that these groups will provide input not just to youth events but to church events too. Becca is also thinking of starting up a similarly music group. Please pray for all these events.

Lastly there are a number of leaders who are moving activities. Pray for me as I fill the gaps left. Once all is complete I will issue a organisation chart of the groups.
Yours in Christ