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August 2000 Leader Update

Hello there,

I hope I find everyone enjoying their summer break. My main task this summer is to write up the minutes from our July review of the youth & children's work at Meadow Way. I am struggling with this one and as it's important to get it right, I need another week to finish it off. I have been mentioning to some of you a number of events coming up. So the reason for this update.

I believe it's good for us to let our hair down and have some fun together. So I would like to invite you all to a BBQ at my house next Saturday (26th August), from 5pm till you are bored. Your whole family is invited, we can show cartoons for the children or let them play on my playstation. Let's see how many we can fit in my house. Sorry if you receive this coming back holiday and have missed it. Let me know if you are coming, or if you are a veggie so I can buy enough of the right food.

The next youth led evening service is the following Sunday (27th August). After the Saturday review this is now open all the youth groups, not just 16+. We are continuing the theme from Sonrise "running the race" with Nick Blanch speaking at the end. So you or any of your group would to share about Cuts or Sonrise this year, please speak to myself or Nick. I am hoping we will have some of the young people in the music band as well. There could well be some drama as well, if I can find the script.

The following leader's meeting are now planned for September (all start at 8pm):

6th Child protection policy creation sub group, venue: tba.

13th Young people's leaders meeting, venue: Karen & Biggle's (Friday inc, Bible class & 16+).

18th Children's leaders meeting, venue: Claire's (Sunday club).

27th Toolbox - How to use "Salt" material, venue: Chapel in the music room. Later cancelled due to no material available.

These will continue in same week's each month, check the web site or ask for a print out for a full list. Please continue to pray for ourselves, the children and youth people at Meadow Way.
Yours in Christ