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June 2000 Leader Update

Hello again!
Thanks for all your replies, which I have reviewed. I am glad everyone has a desire for training, for many of you it’s on child protection and for some it’s how to share your faith with the young people or children. Also thank you for your offers to do some of the training. Where I can fit in Danny’s offer of training on “the art of imitating the greeting call of the English Pheasant” I don’t know?

The feedback on the best night for training was evenly split between Wednesday and Thursday. With the cuts and sunrise meetings on a Wednesday I have decided to do the first training sessions on child protection on a Thursday. I will repeat these sessions in September on a Wednesday. So part one of the training is on Thursday June 22nd at 8.00pm in the church. Part two is on Thursday June 29th and part three is on Thursday July 13th. These sessions are open to anyone and youth leaders from churches are most welcome. If you are planning to help at any of the camps and can not make any of the sessions, please let me know and I will arrange a very short briefing after a Sunday service for you.

During the next month I will be visiting the various groups to help me get a better understanding on how things happen and the make up of your groups.
I hope many of you are accessing the church web site and our own youth & children’s site. All notices will be displayed there first. Don’t worry paper updates will be available the following Sunday. What I really need now is photos of your group in action, including I hope a photo of yourself. Why not before the summer get your group together for a group photo. I can scan the resulting photo and then return the photo to you. These would also come in handy for prayer cards. There are also a couple of people in the church with digital camera’s and I am sure they would love help you out.

Also you will notice that a number of groups on the web site have none or little information about themselves. So could you supply any words you would like to add?
To those of you who have access to email, you may be interested in two useful mailing lists you can sign up for. Both these allow you to raise questions, share experiences and generally discuss issues on youth and children’s work. Both are UK based.

In my next update, due out at the beginning of July, I will outline the Agenda for the July 8th review. I hope everyone will be able to make that meeting for at least some of the time. In the mean time if you lead one of the groups please be ready to do a short presentation on your group on the day.

Thanks again for all your hard work,