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October 22nd 2000 Sunday Evening Talk Notes On Prayer

Can I Remind you of our purposes:

Our aim for the children & young people of Meadow Way Chapel is to:

  • Reach non Christian young people,

  • Connect them with other Christians,
  • Help them to Grow in their faith.
  • Help them to Discover their God given gifts,
  • and to Honour God with their life.

I also shared secrets of successful youth work in April.

  • Prayer

  • Communication
  • Biblical
  • Relationships
  • Teamwork
  • Direction
  • Holistic
  • Balanced
  • Safe
  • Training

  • Servant heart
  • Large/Small groups
  • Relevant
  • Professional
  • Involves all the church
  • God's power
  • Tailored
  • Excellence

The list is in no order, but top of this list is "Prayer" and near the bottom is that this "involves all the church".
Early this year at the Friday Inc Lock in, at midnight, the young people prayed about a young child who had 24 hours to live unless another child would die and donate an organ. That very night that is what happened and the child lives today.
While it's great to pray out loud and you will be given chance later, to finish with an open time of prayer.
It's your own private prayer time I want to encourage tonight.

This talk is based on the book
On line with God
by David Lawrence
Scripture Union ISBN 1-85999-185-8

Recommended for all young people to buy, read and use.

Read Matthew 6:6
Read the back of book, could that be you.
Many people have split prayer up in many ways - this book does it this way

1. Telling God what he means to you
2. Telling God you're sorry
3. Telling God you're grateful
4. Asking God for what you need
5. Asking God for what others need
6. Listening to God

1. Telling God what He means to you

Read Psalm 145: 1-3
This whole Psalm is a good place to start - go home tonight and read it to yourself.
Look at verse two - every day I will praise you. Praise isn't just about singing songs together its also about our life style and times alone with God telling him what He means to us.

Read prayer from young person on page 14 of On line with God.

2. Telling God you're sorry

Read the Lord's prayer Luke 11: 2-4
Forgive us this day. While it is true we are totally forgiven by God when we commit our lives to him, we still need to come daily to ask for forgiveness.

3. Telling God you're grateful

Read 1 Thessalonians 5: 17+18
It says "pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances".

4. Asking God for what you need

Back to Luke 11: 3
Give us our daily bread. I have to be honest I am amazed by people like Dave Glover our speaker at Sizewell, who for years has totally depended on God without any wage.

5. Asking God for what others need

Tons of references for this one
Read Matt 5: 43 + 44
We are encourage of all things to prayer for our enemies.

6. Listening to God

Finally the hardest of the lot but just as important.
Look at the story of Samuel, three times the Lord called to Samuel
On the fourth Samuel was told to declare "Lord your servant is listening".
Read 1 Samuel 3: 10
Can I encourage you this week to spent a FEW MINUTES in prayer. I have targeted to have some prayer cards out after Christmas.
On the youth/children's side pray for

  • Leaders

  • Children
  • Thank god for those who have committed their life to Christ during the summer at the various camps.

We will spend the next 10 minutes in the 6 ways of prayer. Feel free to pray quietly, don't be scared of silence.
Would it not be good if we spent 10 minutes a day in prayer.